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Player Name:Eric
Contact Info: Plurk: Overbringer, AIM: EricOverbringer
Other Characters Played: None

Character Name: Nepos
Canon: The Videssos Cycle

Canon Background: Nepos is a member of the religion that Avshar spent his life opposing, which is a thinly veiled expy of Christianity, a teacher of magic and religion, and a citizen of the Empire of Videssos, which is a thinly veiled expy of the Byzantine Empire. He's a close friend of the heroes of the story, and provides them with magical aid several times throughout the story. Basically nothing is mentioned about Nepos's backstory as he is very much a side character who doesn't get a huge amount of development. Most of his AU background I have made up.

AU Background: Nepos was born to a very poor family. Unable to feed everyone, they sent young Nepos to a monestary to be raised by monks in hoping that he would have a better future then they could give him.

It was an incredible success. Nepos took an interest to religion AND showed a high degree of magical talent. He was taught to be a holy mage devoted to helping people, and from there went on to hold a chair on the board for the Academy of Sorcery, as well as teach classes on theology and magical theory at the Arcaniss Institute.

Personality: Nepos is an incredibly curious man. He loves nothing better than to study the world around him, for he believes that since the Crystal King created the world, learning about each thing in it is the greatest form of worship he can offer. He is driven to understand as much about everything and everyone around him as he can even if it's someone who he does not get along with.

In conversation, he is incredibly bubbly and optimistic. He talks quickly and is quick to encourage or help his friends when they needed. He also keeps up a nearly unending steam of good natured, polite questions, especially when it comes to his subject of study, magic. Frequently this questioning tries the patience of the person he's talking to, but he takes any explosions of impatience with the equamity of a man who has endured many such explosions before and will weather many more.

On the other hand, Nepos also has a bad habit of reacting to hardship with despair and pessimism. When things start going wrong, he's quick to become glum and depressed. In this mood he questions everything that he's built his life on. He is aware of this aspect of himself, and a determined friend can help a lot when he's in a bad mood just by pointing out that things probably aren't as bad as he thinks they are right now.

While his faith is not weak, Nepos is not exactly a zealot either. He is totally celibate, but does not begrudge others the pleasures of the flesh. He acts humble, but he knows he is a skilled magician and takes a certain amount of pride in that. He avoids excess, but is not above the occasional small luxury; hot, mulled wine on a cold night, a hearty meal after a tiring day, none of these things are alien to the priest. He will step up to defend Dagaria against the forces of evil if he must, but prefers a life in his monestary or at the academy over a life in the field, mainly because it's more comfortable and less dangerous. He is not so intolerant in his views that he will damn anyone who is not a strict worshipper of the Crystal King to hell, so long as they are a moral person.

Combat Style: Nepos isn't much of a fighter, but he can defend himself. He summons phantom soldiers that can fight while being insubstantial to non-magical weapons, but controlling more than a few at a time is very taxing. He's skilled at countermagic, shutting down other spellcasters, which is his method of confrontation of choice. Finally, he is a capable healer. Most of his magical talent is of the utility variety. Divinations, rituals, and the like.

Kingdom or Faction: Member of the Church and lecturer at the Arcaniss Institute. Citizen of Sawa

Primary Role: Magistrate, I guess?

Tarot Cards:
Past - The Magician: Strengthen magic for everyone in the area
Present - The Star: Cancel out someone else's tarot card
Future - The Sun: Destroy illusions and reveal the truth

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